Get Involved


Those ages 16+ are invited to serve on staff as counselors. We also need help making and serving meals,  leading activities, and packing up camp at the end of the summer


Financial Support

We need your tax-deductible donations to continue our free, high-quality programming in Hale County. Though a percentage of funding comes from the Diocese, Sawyerville Day Camp and the Yellowhammer Learning Project rely heavily on funding and support from other sources. Since no one pays to attend the Yellowhammer Learning Project, to attend camp, or to staff camp, all of the money needed must be raised.

Your gift will make a positive impact this summer:

  • $25 Helps offset a staff members’ meals
  • $150 Sponsors a camper for the week
  • $500 Pays for 50 camper breakfasts
  • $850 Sponsors a Drumming Workshop for campers
  • $800 Sponsors a Yellowhammer Literacy student
  • $2,300 Sponsors a young adult internship
  • $2,500 Sponsors the buses for one session
  • $6,000 Sponsors all the meals/food for one session

Gifts made to Sawyerville Day Camp, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, are tax-deductible. We also have our own separate 501(c)3 for those not able to donate to a religious institution.

Give here.

Please consider remembering Sawyerville Day Camp in your will and estate papers. Contact us for more information.


Host a supply drive at your church or place of work to collect items like bathing suits, pool towels, and books for the campers; snacks for the staff; and school supplies for the Yellowhammer Learning Program.

To volunteer to gather supplies, please contact our Supply Drive Coordinator. She’ll give you instructions and include your donation in our inventory so we don’t have more than we need or can handle!


Prepare and serve a meal for our hungry staff! Volunteers from parishes, offices, small groups, and Sunday School classes come from all over to serve lunch or dinner for our staff of roughly 100-130 people. We’re also looking for groups to provide meals at the Yellowhammer Learning Program’s Parent Nights. At Parent Night, we welcome the 4o students and their parents for dinner, free childcare, and a program for the parents.

Visit and Learn More

Tour the Camp and the Learning Program

During the summer, we welcome groups of 5-8 people to visit Sawyerville Day Camp and the Yellowhammer Learning Program. Both are sights to see! To schedule a tour, contact Claire Cotten.

Request a Presentation

We offer presentations to parishes and groups who would like to learn more about Sawyerville Day Camp and the Yellowhammer Learning Program. The length of the presentation is flexible, but we usually speak for 45 minutes to an hour, and we love to share our documentary videos. To request a presentation, contact Claire Cotten.


Prayer Partners support our staff by praying for them as they serve. Besides praying for them by name each day, Prayer Partners also write four letters of encouragement for the staff to read during the week.

  • Write four notes of encouragement starting the note “Dear Prayer Partner.” There could potentially be a last minute change in staff, and in the past we’ve had to make quick adjustments!
  • Sign the first three letters “Your Prayer Partner.” Sign the fourth and final letter with your name and contact information.
  • Letters should come from your heart. They do not need to be long, just kind words that will support the staff as they serve some of God’s precious children.
  • Place the letters in four separate envelopes. Do not seal the envelopes.
  • You may include small tokens (no food or gum please!) in the envelopes, but they must fit inside the envelopes.
  • On the outside of the envelopes, write your staff member’s name and the day they should receive that letter, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, or Day 4.
  • Send your finished letters to Linda Kennedy or to All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Homewood no later than the date indicated for your session. If your church has a large number of Prayer Partners and is not in Birmingham, let us know, and we will make arrangements to pickup your letters.

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