We couldn’t do it by ourselves.

Sawyerville Day Camp is quite the production, and like anything great, we couldn’t possibly do it by ourselves. We owe camp to so many people, but we are endlessly thankful to our friends in the Black Belt of Alabama for welcoming us into their community and for serving Sawyerville better than we ever could alone.

water tower

To all our church families, thank you for keeping us in faith and in food. Thank you St. Paul’s Greensboro for the catfish lunch that is such a staple of Greensboro and now Sawyerville. Thank you Trinity Demopolis for welcoming us into your congregation to share a service with y’all and for the delicious barbeque afterwards. Thank you Greensboro Baptist church for the yummy french fries. Thank you Third Street Church of God for providing ice cream sundaes for the staff, because the only thing that makes a great day better is some ice cream at the end of it.

To our friends at Project Horseshoe Farms, thank you for helping to make this summer with the Yellowhammer Learning Program the best yet. Our students made leaps and bounds this summer, and we are so grateful to y’all for helping to make that happen.

To Judson College and Marion Military Institute, thank you for making everyone’s favorite part of the day possible. The pool is such a joyful time for our campers, students, and even our staff, and we can’t thank y’all enough for welcoming us into your facilities. To Judson, thank you for not only giving us your pool, but also your gym. That space is invaluable for Lower Camp. To Colonel Passmore and Mrs. Holmes at MMI, thank you for welcoming us back to your beautiful facility. Having a second pool to swim at just makes camp all the better, and we are so grateful to you. And to Ms. Suttles, thank you so much for being there with Upper Camp and Middler Camp each and every day. It meant so much to us, and we hope you had a little bit of fun witnessing all of our pool antics.



To those that provided further enrichment for our campers and students, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To Jo Taylor, thank you for doing the book making seminar with our YLP students. They had so much fun with it, and it was something we never could have done without you. To the Black Belt Community Foundation, thank you for providing the grant for our Upper Campers to hone their arts and crafts skills. That was one of our most popular activities, and the campers had so much fun working on their creations each week.

To those in the Greensboro community who welcomed us so graciously into their homes and their businesses, thank you, thank you, thank you. To Laird Cole, thank you for opening the Johnston Tolbert House to us. We are always to thankful to have that space. To HERO Housing, thank you for letting our interns live at Martin Stewart all summer. Its walls hold our absolute favorite memories. To Pie Lab, thank you for welcoming our new staff members and giving them a taste of the yummiest part of Greensboro. And to the Safehouse Museum, thank you for reminding us what this is all about. You reinforced how crucial our goal of improving race relations is, and assured our new staffers that the work they are doing here is important and impactful.

JT house

your moms house kitchen

pie lab

dinner at JT

And finally, to the Hale County Board of Education and Greensboro Elementary School. We truthfully cannot thank you enough for making all of this possible. Without your facilities, your cafeteria staff, your buses and drivers, and your support, this camp we cherish and love so much could never happen. To our cafeteria staff and our bus drivers, you are invaluable to us, and we are so glad you are a part of this team. To Mrs. Richey at GES, thank you for your flexibility with us as we tried new things this summer, and for opening up new parts of your building to us so that we could truly make this summer the best yet. To Ms. Heartsill, thank you for making sure we got every package and for sharing your family with us all summer long. And to Stanley, thank you for making sure our coffee was hot each morning and for always making sure our doors were unlocked. And to all the faculty and staff, thank you for sharing your school and your students with us. Thank you for letting this camp grow and for allowing us all to fall in love with this community and its children.


GES campus

greesnboro mural


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