Summer Challenge 2017

The Jernigan Foundation has done it again!

If you have kept up with Sawyerville Day Camp over the years, you will remember that last summer, the Jernigan Foundation offered us a generous matching gift of $10,000. This meant that for every dollar raised, the Jernigan Foundation would match it, with the potential to turn $10,000 into $20,000. With your generosity, we actually raised over $27,000, and this summer we have the opportunity to raise even more than that! This year, the Jernigan Foundation is offering a $15,000 matching gift, which means by the end of the week, we could raise $30,000, or more!

This summer, we thought we would have some fun with it. For every challenge completed in fundraising, our staff or campers will complete some other kind of challenge. You can be on the look-out for all the silly shenanigans this week as we get the Summer Challenge 2017 rolling!

We hope that by the end of seven days, we’ve raised a whole lot of money, had a whole lot of fun, and provided the funding necessary for a whole lot of growth and learning. Whether you’re a regular donor or you’ve only considered donating to Sawyerville or YLP, now is the time to give! YOU can make a difference in the lives of nearly 750 children. It’s all for the kids!

Make sure to watch the video to learn more about this awesome opportunity, and to keep up with us on social media all week!

SDC Instagram // SDC Twitter // SDC Facebook

YLP Instagram // YLP Twitter // YLP Facebook 



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