Skill Sessions

Today, we close out Session 1 of SDC 2017! It is hard to believe that this session has come and gone so quickly. We will miss our staff and campers that can’t join us for later sessions, but we have lots to look forward to as the summer continues. Next week marks the start of the Yellowhammer Learning Program, and we cant’ wait to see how our rising third graders will learn and grow as they take part in specially designed math, chess, science, and reading curricula. Tonight is also our first Family Night of the summer, and we are so excited to welcome the loved ones of our campers for an evening of fun, food, and fellowship.

Session 1 looked a little different this summer than in the past, especially in Upper Camp. This summer, our Upper Campers had the opportunity to focus on certain activities in the afternoon in what we call Skill Sessions. We were so excited to introduce Skill Sessions this summer so that our older campers could really focus on and improve upon certain skills. They signed up for a specific Skill Session at the beginning of the week, choosing between basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, golf, and art. Taught by members of our staff and the community, Skill Sessions are a treat that change every session and remind us of an important lesson while also being a whole lot of fun. DSC_0747CSC_0706

At Sawyerville Day Camp, we know our campers are so uniquely gifted, and when those unique gifts are honed and cultivated, the world is better for it. As 1 Corinthians 12:12 reminds us, we are the body of Christ and we must function just like the human body, with each part carrying out it’s specific function, and carrying it out well. As our Upper Campers are transitioning to a new, more mature chapter of life, we hope that Skill Sessions reminded them how important their individual gifts and skills are. We hope the dedication to improving and cultivating their skills that they learned in Skill Sessions will stick with them as they continue to find new gifts and skills later in life. We hope that learning how to accurately shoot a basketball, or how to paint with acrylics, or how to properly hit a golf ball was not only fun, but also helped teach our Upper Campers that they can make a world of difference in their communities if they just learn to use their gifts. We hope that, above all else, they can go out into the world and help serve it as a hand or a foot or a heart of the body of Christ. Whatever body part they grow to be, we hope that Sawyerville Day Camp played some small role in that development.


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