First Day of Camp 2017

They’re here! They’re here! Today is the first day of Sawyerville Day Camp 2017, and the campers have arrived!

This morning, our staff of 109 high school students, college-age young people, and adults welcomed 250 campers ages 6-14.  So far, they’ve had breakfast, some are off to swim in Marion, and others are digging into the program.

Our program theme this summer is “Be Not Afraid.” Campers in Lower and Middler Camp will study the story of Jesus walking on water, the angel visiting Mary, Jesus calming the storm, and the great commission. Upper Campers will learn about how Jesus conquered fear, how prayer can make us brave, and how being fearless helps us to achieve our goals.

SDC 2017 logo 1c.jpg

Sure, this theme covers our t-shirts and the campers’ backpacks, and it makes for a great hashtag, but we also hope that during this week it will become a defining phrase in the lives of our campers. Fear wears many different hats, but we remind our campers that no matter the fear, they can find courage in God. This morning, as our Upper Campers dove into this theme, they wrote down their fears on their hands and on notecards. The fears ranged from spiders to getting into college, from heights to death. For a moment, the room was filled with all kinds of fears: written fears, spoken fears, and fears kept deep inside. Fear consumed the moment, but only briefly. Fear didn’t hold onto the hearts of our Upper Campers, because they literally washed their hands of it. They wrote down new things, like what gives them courage, and how they can display that courage this week. It’s only Day One of camp, and our campers are already fighting the battle against fear. We cannot wait see how they grow in courage and learn to walk through life fearlessly as they continue this programming throughout the week.


We’re looking forward to the rest of Session 1! Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with camp throughout the week.

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