The interns are coming!

While Paul Revere might not have announced their arrival, and while they have actually been here for a almost a week, we are so excited to have our interns in the office hard at work! The second floor of Carpenter House is a little more crowded and noisy than usual, but there is so much work getting done. Paperwork is being shuffled, computers are whirring as furious fingers type away, and everything from plans to supplies are being organized and categorized.

Each of our seventeen interns has been diligently checking things off of their to-do lists and crossing days off of their calendars. Our registrar team is hard at work making sure all of our campers and students are properly registered for camp, as well as insuring our staff is ready to go. Our teams of camp coordinators are designing schedules, plans for rainy days, and activities for each session. Our meals and supplies assistants are taking careful inventory of everything from snacks to pool towels, and noting what else we might need. Our other YLP interns are, in addition to their own jobs of planning field trips and chess lessons, putting together curriculum for our students. And the communications team has been busy keeping you up to date on all of it. In short, the office is a frenzy of activity, which we know means this year will be the best yet at Sawyerville Day Camp and the Yellowhammer Learning Program.

In the midst of crossing things off these to-do lists, our interns have also been meeting some new faces. On Monday, the whole group met the staff of Carpenter House over lunch (thank you, Carpenter House staff, it was delicious!) The Right Reverend Kee Sloan even made sure we celebrated the birthdays of our interns Robert and Faith with the rest of the May-birthday staff. Then on Thursday, we all introduced ourselves to the Diocesan Council, and showed them just how excited we are for Sawyerville this summer. How lucky are we to serve in ministry for such a gracious and generous diocese? “Very” is the answer.

YLP interns

Even outside of the physical walls of Carpenter House, things are happening to make Sawyerville a success. All day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, parishes across the state and other organizations have been dropping off supply donations at St. Stephen’s Episcopal in Birmingham. Our interns have taken shifts manning the drop off and collecting and packing the supplies up so that next Friday, we can move them all down to Greensboro! We have collected boxes upon boxes of swimsuits, towels, books, snacks, shirts, and so much more. We are truly blown away by the generosity shown to Sawyerville, because without it, camp would not be the same!

supply interns

As you can see, it has been a busy week. Our interns walked in the door Monday morning at 8:30, and then we blinked! It is crazy to think a week has already gone by, but that means we are one week closer to the start of camp, and that is something to be happy about. We are all looking forward to a weekend of relaxation, followed by an intern retreat in Sewanee full of bonding, work, and good food at the beginning of next week. Before we know it, we will be moving to Greensboro and camp will be in full swing!

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