Person 2 Person: SDC Staff Talks About Race

MLK weekend.png

Sawyerville Day Camp works to accomplish three goals: 1) to serve God and the church through outreach 2) to broaden the horizons of campers and counselors 3) to improve race relations in Alabama. With that third goal in mind, Sawyerville Day Camp will host a new event called Person 2 Person for high school juniors and seniors over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Montgomery. Those who have staffed SDC before are invited to join us!

At Person 2 Person, we’ll learn more about the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama, and we’ll take field trips to the Civil Rights Memorial, the offices of the Equal Justice Initiative, and the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. We’ll talk about race in Alabama, our own experiences of race, and how we can improve race relations through Sawyerville Day Camp.

Please apply to participate by January 4th. There is no fee for attending this event, and meals are included. Questions? Email Crystal at



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