Dreaming is Believing: Summer 2015!

Sawyerville Day Camp and Yellowhammer Literacy Project leaders, coordinators, volunteers and friends gathered Saturday at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church to prepare for Summer 2015: Dreaming is Believing!


Sawyerville Day Camp training began with Leslie introducing this summer’s theme and new plans for this summer. The theme is Dreaming is Believing – which certainly describes SDC’s newest program The Yellowhammer Literacy Project (YLP). In the summer of 2014, SDC partnered with Project Horseshoe Farms and The Literacy Council of Central Alabama to pilot a reading/writing program to combat summer learning loss. This year, YLP will serve 25 rising fifth graders for five weeks of reading, creative writing, grammar, enrichment, and field trips. The five-week YLP program will culminate with YLP students visiting Bethany Village for three nights. Over the course of five weeks – students will receive 70+ hours of instruction.

Each week of YLP will feature a different theme that students will use in their reading and writing lessons and enrichment activities – all related to the SDC theme of Dreaming is Believing:

  • What is your dream for yourself?
  • What is your dream for your community?
  • What are your fears?
  • What is God’s dream for you and our world?

What else is new this year? Full time interns! As SDC continues to grow and serve an increasing number of campers and now students, SDC recognized the need for full time interns who could provide consistency and continuity to the leaders and staff of three SDS sessions and the YLP. Summer 2015 looks to be the biggest ever with almost 800 campers and 350 staff, leaders, and volunteers – we are so grateful to have this team of interns. of Click the link above and meet our rock star interns!

What are you most excited about when you think of spending your summer with SDC or YLP? Leslie Manning asked participants to introduce themselves and share what they were most excited about this summer. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Seeing how YLP evolves.
  • Getting in the pool with little kids knowing I will survive.
  • My fiancé will be with me and I get to share SDC story with him.
  • Hearing kids’ stories in journal time.
  • To be a coordinator after being on staff.
  • Excited to be back in the community I love.
  • See SDC continue to evolve and grow.
  • Getting to be outside for a week with people having fun.
  • Being back in Upper Camp and snack time.
  • Being music coordinator.
  • Little frozen apple juice boxes.
  • Really hard work and seeing how it impacts the human brain.
  • Going to Bethany with YLP at the end of the summer.
  • Seeing the camp and not just hearing about it from Leslie year after year!
  • Seeing how SDC has grown after missing a few years.
  • That this is school credit for me.
  • Finding new ways to help people find ways to nap during chapel.
  • Excited about MC – underrated, but most fun.
  • I don’t know what I am excited about because I have never done it – but I am excited.
  • Making art with youth and seeing them take home to enjoy.
  • To enjoy camp and not think about fundraising.
  • More bad jokes!

What are YOU most excited about for SDC and YLP Summer 2015? Tell us using #SDC2015 or #YLP2015.


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